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Have you been struggling to make a name for yourself in the blogging world? Do you have a great course or service you want to offer, but no one sees you as an expert? You need a book! Your book will help you:

● Build authority in your niche
● Share your passion with the world
● Help you earn passive income
● Enjoy the immense satisfaction of calling yourself an author

I turned content from my blog into my first book, and self published that book less than 30 days after I started putting it together. Now, my passion is helping other bloggers do the same. Let me help light a path for you to follow so you can stop wasting time and get your book published.​


Hi! I'm Dr. Beth Brombosz.
I'm so excited to help you
become an author!


The Blogger to Author Course is your fast track to becoming an author! Get the guidance and support you need to become an author.


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The Blogger to Author podcast helps inspire and educate you so you can get publish your book and use it to build your business!

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