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Have you been struggling to make a name for yourself in the blogging world? Do you have a great course or service you want to offer, but no one sees you as an expert? You need a book! Your book will help you:

● Build authority in your niche
● Share your passion with the world
● Help you earn passive income
● Enjoy the immense satisfaction of calling yourself an author

I turned content from my blog into my first book, and self published that book less than 30 days after I started putting it together. Now, my passion is helping other bloggers do the same. Let me help light a path for you to follow so you can stop wasting time and get your book published.​


Hi! I'm Dr. Beth Brombosz.
I'm so excited to help you
become an author!


Not sure where to start?
I've got you covered! These posts walk you through the basics.


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