Episode 21 – Creating an Amazon Bestseller with Laura Petersen

By Beth Brombosz, PhD

Jul 27


Have you ever wondered what it takes to write a #1 Amazon bestseller? Laura Petersen did just that, and she’s now using her book, Copywriting for Podcasters: How to Grow Your Podcast, Brand, and Business with Compelling Copy to land clients and grow her business. In this episode, you’ll learn the three steps you should take to publish a bestseller, as well as tips for improving your copy so you can connect with your audience.


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why great copy is so important if you want to grow your business
  • How Laura wrote a #1 Amazon bestseller, even when she’d never thought about writing a book
  • How a book can help you grow and elevate your business
  • How being an author can help others perceive you as an expert in your niche or field
  • How a book can be a great, low-cost intro to your business for new clients
  • The 3 steps you can take to publish a #1 bestseller for Amazon Kindle
  • What day of the week you should publish your book
  • Why podcasters and business owners need to write good copy
  • Why you may not need to worry about the number of copies of books you sell


Episode 21 of the Blogger to Author Podcast with Laura Petersen of Copy that Pops

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Laura Petersen is a tall teacher turned entrepreneur who has taken lessons learned from a successful tutoring and test prep company (Student-Tutor) to grow as a podcaster, speaker, best-selling author, and course creator in writing and podcasting.


She’s the Executive Producer of Live to Grind, an award-winning, twice-weekly podcast for entrepreneurs, and Co-Founder of Accelerant Media Group, which offers full-service branding, crowdfunding, and marketing to elite clients.


Her own podcast Copy That Pops focuses on writing tips and applying psychology hacks for business success and her #1 Best-Selling book Copywriting for Podcasters: How to Grow Your Podcast, Brand, and Business with Compelling Copy is available on Amazon here.


Laura also created an effective course to help entrepreneurs earn the “#1 Amazon Best-Seller” title without the need for an email list or big marketing budget.


For fun, Laura loves international travel (40 countries and counting!) with her husband and their dog Tuck, lots of garlic, and re-runs of The I.T. Crowd.



Where you can find Laura:

Copy that Pops Podcast
Copy that Pops Facebook Group
Facebook: LaptopLaura and CopyThatPops
Twitter: @LaptopLaura
Instagram: @LaptopLaura
Snapchat: @LaptopLaura
LinkedIn: @LauraPetersen



Copywriting for Podcasters: How to Grow Your Podcast, Brand, and Business with Compelling Copy



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Laura Petersen July 31, 2017

Thanks so much for having me on the show, Dr. Beth! 🙂 Really enjoyed it — great interview! And already I’ve had listeners from your audience reach out!

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