Episode 22: From Personal Journey to Book to Full-Fledged Business with Megan Olson

By Beth Brombosz, PhD

Aug 03


Sometimes you know you need to write your book because your readers keep asking you for it. That’s exactly what happened to author and blogger Megan Olson. She was inspired to write her book Ditch the Diet after her readers totally fell in love with her free mini eBook on her blog, Skinny Fitalicious, and begged her for more. In this episode, Megan explains how she built her blog and business first by drawing from her own personal weight loss experience, growing over time to include nutrition and weight loss counseling services. And, you’ll be amazed by the story of how Megan wrote her book in just 7 days! Definitely tune in for this episode!


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Megan used her personal experience to start a very successful blog, which has now turned into a full-time business
  • How Megan wrote her book in just 7 DAYS
  • Why writing a book can come very easily and naturally for many bloggers
  • What Megan found to be the hardest part of publishing her book
  • Why you may want to hire experts to help you with your book
  • How a book can fit into your sales funnel and overall business strategy
  • How book bundles can help you increase sales and your bottom line
  • Legal issues authors and bloggers should consider before settling on a title or name


Blogger to Author Podcast Episode 22: From Personal Journey to Book to Full-Fledged Business with Megan Olson

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Megan is a nutrition practitioner, author of the book Ditch The Diet, freelance food photographer who writes for several websites and group fitness instructor. On her blog, Skinny Fitalicious, she shares healthy, gluten free recipes, weight loss tips & her personal health trials. As a nutrition practitioner, she works with others to take control of their health and lose weight while discovering their self-worth.



Where you can find Megan:

Skinny Fitalicious (Megan’s website and blog)



Buy Megan’s book, Ditch the Diet, here.



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