Episode 38 – Why You Should Write ‘Every Single Day’ with Bradley Charbonneau 

 November 10, 2017

By  Beth Brombosz, PhD


What’s something that you do every single day that has contributed to your success? Do you check in with your followers on Facebook or Instagram to build engagement on those platforms? Do you look for sponsored post opportunities? The little things we do every single day can lead to huge successes, both personally and in our businesses. Small actions lead to big results.


In this episode, I’m excited to feature an interview with a repeat guest, Bradley Charbonneau. In Episode 8 of the podcast, Bradley gave us some great tips about writing books and creating a killer book sales page. Today, he’s back to talk about his newest book, Every Single Day: A Simple Prescription for Transformation.


The following is an excerpt from the foreword to Bradley’s just-released book Every Single Day:

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“He no longer resembled the mopey dejected “former writer” I’d known. He became unstoppable. A machine. It wasn’t just about the writing, either. It was a deeper transformation. He became much more confident and bold. He was inspiring and even intimidating in some ways. He wasn’t the same person anymore. He took risks and wrote books and closed his business and moved his family halfway across the world. He’s done so many things I couldn’t imagine “2012 Bradley” doing. That he couldn’t imagine actually doing. I barely recognize my old friend these days, and I’m glad.


“He realized his dream and became a professional writer. This book is only a small piece of the proof of that.”


I think you’ll be really inspired by this interview, and I hope that it helps you find new energy for your writing.


Blogger to Author Podcast Episode 38: How doing something every day can change your life featuring author Bradley Charbonneau



When Bradley Charbonneau took a 30-day writing challenge on Nov. 1, 2012, he had no idea that it would change the course of his life forever. He smashed the 30 days and went on to 100, then 1,000 and is now approaching 2,000. In the meantime, he’s written 4 books, working on another 3, quit his day job and moved his family to Europe. By making one small change and sticking to it Every Single Day, he believes he can do anything–and is doing just that.



Click here to order Every Single Day on Amazon.


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Where you can find Bradley:
Bradley’s Amazon author page
Pass the Sour Cream (Bradley’s website and blog)




Are you ready to see how the power of writing every day can totally revolutionize your blogging and put you on the fast track to becoming an author or writing your next book? Check out Bradley’s free 10-Day Writing Challenge here!



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Beth Brombosz, PhD

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