Episode 50 – Blogger to Prolific Author with Paula Rollo

By Beth Brombosz, PhD

Feb 01


Sometimes, the best way you can learn about something is by doing. That’s why today’s guest is the perfect person to learn from. Paula Rollo is a blogger and author of eight (yes, eight) books, so she is a perfect example of someone you can learn from when it comes to book writing and self publishing.


I think you’re really going to enjoy the interview with Paula that I’m featuring in today’s episode. We cover a lot of topics that are of interest to blogger-authors, including how to chose the right topic for your book, the decision to self publish or work with a traditional publisher, and how a ‘failed’ book may actually not be such a failure after all.


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Paula is a blogging expert with over 12 years of experience in her field. She owns and manages three sites, has published eight books and is an engaging speaker. Paula is a world traveler with roots in Houston, Texas where she is raising her two young kids alongside her husband of 7 years.



Where you can find Paula:

Paula’s Facebook group: Quick Blogging Tips: Actionable Advice



You can pick up a copy of Paula’s books on her blog and on Amazon!


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