The challenge is over, but you can still get access to the Book Blueprint Mini-Course!

Your book will help you you elevate yourself apart from your peers and competitors, helping you build instant credibility and authority. It will establish you as a thought leader and go-to expert in your field. In short, you need that book ASAP!

Unfortunately, that's where most people get stuck. They want to write a book, but they don't ever come up with a solid plan for writing it. (And, they don't know about my secret trick to make the writing process go much, much faster.)

In my starting Monday, April 16th, I'm giving you FREE ACCESS TO MY BOOK BLUEPRINT MINI-COURSE (normally $27). I'll show you just how quick and simple it can be to write a book that will bring you instant credibility, making you stand out from the crowd. In the challenge, you'll:

  • Create a plan for a book that your readers and followers will want to buy
  • Learn the secret strategy that I used to write my first book in under 30 days
  • Get a clear path to authorship so you can set yourself apart in your niche!

You know that you have a lot to offer. You really do help people with your content. But, it's hard to make a name for yourself in the crowded marketplace.

A book is the answer. A book will give you instant authority, help you reach a new audience, and will help you add income to your business. But writing a book is hard, right?

It doesn't have to be! I'll show you how easy it can be.

You already have a book in you! Let me help you find it.


"Beth transformed the huge idea of writing a book from your blog and broke it down into manageable steps. She made herself very available to us and I felt welcomed to ask anything!"
     - Alexa F. (now an author!)

"Beth is so knowledgeable and so generous. This challenge is just what you need to get started and will get you excited and confident that you can write your book."
     - Melissa R.