Testimonials and Success Stories



Below are testimonials from some of my book coaching clients. When they first started dreaming about becoming an author, they didn’t fully realize just how possible it would be. Now, their books are helping them gain media exposure, build their businesses, and more. I hope these testimonials open your eyes, and I hope they help convince you that you CAN become an author!









Here are testimonials from clients who have hired me for my done-for-you services:



Beth was an absolutely pleasure to work with. I hired her to design my eBook with no real plan in mind. She took the creative lead, pulled in elements from my website and the final product is a beautiful eBook that I'm absolutely thrilled with. She got the design done quickly, took care of all the technical parts for me and patiently responded to all of my questions. I also love that she designed it in a program I was familiar with so I could easily go in and make edits myself. I'd highly recommend Beth to anyone needing help with graphic design projects!

Lindsay Livingston

The Lean Green Bean