Why Bloggers Should Write a Book

By Beth Brombosz, PhD

Mar 04

A lot of people dream of writing a book someday. However, the process of writing a book, even a short one, is a daunting task. But, as a blogger, you’re already several steps ahead of the average person who wants to write a book. Bloggers, here’s why you should put the time and effort into writing and publishing a book:

Bloggers, learn why you are in the perfect position to write a profitable book or eBook.


You could write the best book in the world, but if you don’t have anyone to read it, you definitely won’t sell any copies. That might not be a big deal if you’re just publishing the book to be able to say you wrote one, but if you’d like to get your book in the hands of readers, you’ll need a way to spread the word about your book. That’s why bloggers make perfect authors—you already have a built-in audience through your blog and your social media channels. Your audience already sees you as a trusted resource, and many of them will gladly pay for a copy of your book.



If you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably already have a lot of great content that you could compile into a book, especially if you’ve been writing informative articles on a regular basis. You know that you can write because that’s what you do every time you click on “Publish” with a new blog post. For many bloggers, writing a book is the logical next step.


You’ve put in a lot of time creating free content for your readers through your blog posts. Why not edit and improve those posts that you worked so hard to create and turn them into a book? The great news is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can use the content you already have, add to it, and quickly have a substantial book to sell. I personally used this method to publish and sell a 128-page book in less than a month.

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Even if you didn’t start your blog to make money, being a successful blogger almost always takes money, whether it’s for website hosting fees or software that helps you be a better, more organized blogger. It can be tough to offset those costs on ads alone unless you have huge traffic. It’s also smart to have multiple revenue streams coming from your blog to help you make money, particularly if you hope to make your blog a part-time or full-time job someday. Once you’ve put in the time to write the book, you only need to spend a few minutes here or there marketing your book to add extra income to your bank account.



Being an author is a big deal. Sure, now that self-publishing is common, anyone can write a book on any topic of their choice. But, most people don’t write a book. The time that you put in to writing and publishing a book, whether electronically or creating actual physical copies of your book, shows that you are committed to your topic. And, the fact that you have 10,000+ words of helpful information to provide shows that you know a lot about the topic. You will have literally written the book on your topic.


Just like in blogging, you don’t have to be the world’s expert in a topic to write a book about it. You simply need to know more about the topic than a person who’s one step behind you on the same journey. Consider writing a book for beginners in your niche if you don’t know where to start. You’ll be helping them create positive change in their lives, and you’ll be able to make a little money while doing so.


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Tammy March 19, 2016

This is a great idea. I have just started posting regular again after a grieving period in our lives. I am just starting to go through EBA to do better with writing, promoting, reach, etc.

I signed up for the worksheets, they will be a big help when I start the book.

    Beth March 22, 2016

    Hi Tammy. So sorry to hear that you’ve been through a difficult period, but glad to hear you’re doing better. I hope you enjoy the worksheets! I think they’ll really help as you plan your content calendar–you can definitely plan blog posts with the intention of putting those posts in your book. Good luck! 🙂

I’ll keep this in mind once I have a little more blogging time under my belt. I like the idea of passive income! Visiting from Saturday Sharefest.

    Beth March 22, 2016

    Definitely do, Victoria! And thinking about writing a book can also help you plan out your blog posts with a new purpose. If there’s a topic that you’d like to write a book about, start writing a blog post or two a week on that topic. Pretty soon you’ll have some great posts you can turn into a book!

Leslie March 19, 2016

I would love to write abook. It’s something I’ve thought about for years. I worry about how it would be taken though. I’m always so timid.

    Beth March 22, 2016

    Hi Leslie! Thanks for commenting! One of the great things about being a blogger is that you already spend a lot of time writing, and you can use your blog posts as the basis for your book. Yes, writing a book from scratch would take a lot of time, but if you re-purpose your blog posts into a book, it’s a lot easier to do!

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